Monday, 12 December 2011

The End :)

Two exciting days and it eventually came to an end. We had almost 200 guests, very positive comments in our guest book and, what is the most important, so much fun :). I absolutely loved every second of it and couldn't ask for anything better.
Just want to say big thanks to our sponsors Clipper Tea and Dragon Soop for providing us with their products and also thanks to everyone involved - my amazing team!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Opening day went very well!!!! We had more than 80 guests !! Everyone was in very positive mood and enjoyed themselves. We had some good comments in our guest book. Overall big success!!! Tomorrow another day of exhibition, can't wait!

Few pics (more to come) :
Already tagged 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tomorrow is opening!!!

That is it!! Tomorrow is our day! We have set up everything today and it looks awesome :D We just hope to see as many people as we can. I will upload pictures and write a post about  how did it go after its finished.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

We are on Strong Island

The Big Picture

The people organising and exhibiting in The Big Picture exhibition are all second year Photography students at Portsmouth University. The work has been taken from the first brief in their Documentary Practices unit and they have had to organise it themselves as well as considering the form of the exhibition, location, publicity, funding, online presence, catalogues etc.
As ‘The Big Picture’ suggests the venue is a cinema. No.6 Cinema in fact. This will be a great opportunity to give something unusual and interesting for the viewer. A place that you can sit and relax and watch the images on screen. be sure to check for more info.

Strong Island is a local portal that promotes art in Portsmouth :

Friday, 2 December 2011

7 days left...

The exhibition it's coming !!! Everyone is super excited and we can't wait for opening :). What is going on at the moment? :
We have been on Express FM on Monday talking little bit about the event and promoting it.
Posters are up and flyers are flying everywhere ;).
Our website is up and looks awesome:
We are going to do some kind of lottery - wagamama's vouchers to win!

I can't wait !!!

Friday, 25 November 2011

about my work

Little info about my work for exhibition:

'Territories' means something more for me then just a place or selected area. I interpret it as a borders, walls make people kind of trapped and what comes with it, closed minded. My approach is more psychical than physical. Everything depends on our point of view, place of birth etc. In my photographs I try metaphorical approach to the subject.

one of the photos:

to see more come to our exhibition !

Monday, 21 November 2011

cci email to students

Dear CCI Staff, Students and Friends
View full stories with images click here for the CCI blog, 
1. Jon Adams at Dyslexia Awareness Week
2. Diversity Photographer of the Year Competition - deadline 6th January
3. Paid Internship Opportunity in Farnham for Creative Producer - deadline 28 
4. Book: Basics Typography 02: Using Type - Mike Harkins 
5. Portsmouth Poet Laureate from SCAFM
6. Cultural Olympiad Podium Grants Available to HE and FE
7. Searle Kotchberg  Film Director - UCL Migration & Settlement Film 
8. Would you like to be involved in a new site-specific theatre production?
9. A special offer to students who want to sell at the Love Southsea Market
25 November: View CCI students work at Effervescence VI at West Dean's 
26 November: 7.30 NTR University Orchestra & Big Band 
29 November: 6-6.30 View Students' Photographs in St Mary's Hospital - rsvp to 
29 November: 7.30pm Steampunk Sandman Tickets £3 student £5 New Theatre Royal
30 November: Materials Event - Architecture/RIBA. Contact: 
1 December: 6pm Aspex after Hours
November and December: Guildhall Square events 
December: 7.30pm Ensemble 360 - Intimate Letters. 
7 December: 6pm Prof David Brown Inaugural Lecture - The Future of Intelligent 
8-9 December: 10.30am-4.30pm The Big Picture  Level 2 Photography, No.6 Cinema 
12pm PV
8-10 December: 1-6pm Artea Photography Level 2, Ultraviolet Gallery, Highland 
9 December: 6-9pm Level 2 Photography 14M Squared at Bonzo, Albert Road
Other events:
- UoP public events (staff, students and public)
- Student specific events Lookup
- Portsmouth Film Society 
Kind Regards
Denise Callender
Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries Promotions Manager
023 9284 5197 & uopcci@twitter 


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

our promotion

We are in Flagship magazine, 'What's On' section. It is a local paper in Portsmouth.

Oana put us on 'Ideas tap' portal

Some pictures of our posters:


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Our exhibition date is getting closer and closer! So about the progress...
We had couple of meetings, our poster and leaflets are ready to go, we got some free tea thanks to Clipper and some money from A&R Munson Opticians. We have also applied for CCi funding which helps students to develop their work outside university but still waiting for their reply. I've also emailed local photo clubs and societies to get them involved, hopefully they will show up!

Clipper website:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

moving forward...

There is a music we are probably going to use with our presentation, sounds pretty nice, check it out!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

few images

Below there is some pictures of the drinks we got, flyer and logo.
our drinks

back of the flyer


after little break

We all (the group) seemed to be busy lately with other project and course work that whole exhibition thing kind of calmed down for a while. Today though we had a meeting so we can push it forward as there is only 4 weeks left! So.... we r about to print leaflets, all deposit was paid in, we have pics to show as we have finished first brief 'territories'. I've also attended a workshop about CCi funding which can help us money-wise. Hopefully it will all go right :) Ahhh I almost forgot - we had some speakers to make our       exhibition more attractive too (more info coming soon). Still awaiting answer from sponsors as we pay for everything from our own money.

Friday, 21 October 2011

final flyer and sponsorship

It looks like we are moving forward. We decided on final flyer and logo, you can see them at the bottom of this post. Will (member of our group) has designed it. My thoughts on it: its simple, catchy and cool :) Hope it will get us audience!

Another thing, we (Lauren) got hold of Dragon Scoop and they offered free alcohol for the event :)
Description of their products:

Cocktails combining Vodka with caffeinated energy drinks have long been popular in clubs, pubs and bars. Dragon Soop takes this informal, self mixed innovation and turns it into a caffeinated alcoholic cocktail in a chillable can, ready mixed and ready to drink, so you can take it home, or to a party. Chill and enjoy!


try it, its really good :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


After some time we decided on actual name of the exhibition. The choice was quite hard to make, we had to think about something simple, memorable and that describe exhibition at some level. Some of the ideas:
  • breaking boundaries
  • vision scope
  • space invaders
  • restricted area
  • spacial zone
  • one big screen
  • the big picture
We've chosen 'the big picture' as its describing the best the way we are going to show our work. It sounds good too. Now we need to create logo, poster and flyers!

Friday, 14 October 2011

shit London

I just want to share a cool website that we had lecture about which is It's started as a Facebook group and grew into something quite big. It's really funny, worth taking a look at.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

our progress

Everything is going well, we all have agreed that the best venue is cinema no.6. Now is time to find a name, create a logo and start promoting and organising it all. We came up with some ideas like 'recycled spaces' (Oana), 'one big screen' (Will) and 'restricted area'(me). Still working on it and are trying to find the best, catchy one. Logo/flyer samples:
by Mark Hilton

by Will Rudman
by Oana Damir
We also had a tutorial with our lecturer Daniel and his friend Patric, they really liked our idea about big screen and gave us a bit of advice. Now the plan is to decide on the name and logo.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

the BIG post

This post is going to be quite long as I haven't updated it for last week

Our group had couple of meetings and we decided to divide into three groups Each group will care of one of the following: venue, advertising and sponsorship. I'm in the advertising one so will have to think how, where and when we spread a word about our exhibition. The plan is to print flyers, posters, do as much networking as we can (facebook, twitter, radio etc.). We need to aim at as many people as we can to make it successful.

However, the main goal for our group at the moment is to get the best venue we can. The idea is to do massive projections to save us money on prints and also do something unusual. We looked at cinemas and theatres and got some good response from 'Boat House no.6' which is the cinema with the biggest HD screen on South Coast. It looks just amazing, check it out:

Email from event manager after our 'venue' guys meeting: 

It was a pleasure to meet with you today and discuss your ideas for utilising Action Stations for your Art exhibition project. I would be delighted to offer you are venue to help you with your project and I can certainly book you in for the Thursday 8 December. I know we discussed extra dates but once back in my office and checking the diary I can see other events pencilled in so I am unable to offer you the 3 days but can still offer you a 2 day option ie Friday 9 December.

As I would very much like to assist in making your project a successful one, I would like to offer you our venue at a heavily discounted price of £375 + VAT for the 2 days (that’s approx £30 per exhibitor based on 15?). Our normal hire charge for the facilities you are using would be £1500 + VAT per day.

As discussed at our meeting, the space would be pretty much yours to do as you require, keep me in the loop with any ideas you have just in case there is a restriction? For the delivery and set up of equipment I would require names and vehicle registration, make of car etc if you require close access to the building – there is no parking though, so it is strictly unloading and loading only.

I would advise timings should be 10:30 – 16:30 for each of the days but I can arrange access for those requiring set up either the day before in the afternoon or the morning of the event at 08:30.

If you would be so kind as to let me know if there is a title to your art exhibition for marketing and advertising purposes, as I might be able to request PHD to advertise it on their website and in the visitor centre as I am sure they would be interested to, especially as you guys are happy for the exhibit to be viewed by public – It basically adds an extra value attraction to their ticket price, if you see what I mean? So it should in their interest really to advertise your exhibition.

Please let me know as soon as you can with regards to the whole group giving the thumbs up on our venue? Do not hesitate to come back to me if you have any further questions or any queries on the hire charge.

Kind regards

So everything is looking good now, we just need to decide as a group if we want it and if we can afford it. Personally I love it and can't wait to see it :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Let's start with it!

OK! I'm Matt and I'm doing Photography level 2 at University of Portsmouth. In this blog I'll try to show every step of a project which is going to be about organising exhibition. Let's start with the basics. We've got all divided into groups, I'm in second one with 14 others. On our first meeting we came up with some ideas and goals. Our main points are to:
- find a a venue
- advertise the exhibition
- find sponsors

We are all excited about whole project as it's a brand new thing for most of us and of course we are more than ready for hard work :)